Photography was a hobby of mine from the age of 16 when I started to travel around Australia shooting landscapes and nature. From there I progressed to portraiture, weddings and sporting events. After 10 years working in the School Photography business I was presented with an opportunity to open my own studio in Werribee in 2000.  I immediately embraced the new digital technology at that time and continued to learn and embrace some amazing changes to my craft over the following years.

My aim is to provide my clients with the very best possible product based on their requirements while also providing elements of my own style.


When I entered the field of Glamour Photography I was often frustrated by not being able to co-ordinate times with a model and a make-up artist, so I took an intensive course in Photographic Make-Up becoming a qualified Make-Up Artist and since 1991 have been creating the make-up for all of my sittings. This allows me to get exactly the look I know will capture the subject in the best possible way.